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All it takes is imagination.


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Swimming Pool ideas

To own a new swimming pool, is an investment in family health, fun and relaxation.  Yes, it should look great, it should be energy efficient and definitely practical. Below you'll find photos with unique design elements that could easily be incorporated in any new swimming pool. e.g. a fire pit; cocktail bar; vanishing edge overflow etc.

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Planning can start by gathering cool ideas from websites or books about beautiful swimming pools and pool design.  As soon as you have an idea of personal requirements; your budget and wish list, contact us for a quotation and practical advice.

  • For a FREE quotation, have pictures or a drawing of your dream swimming pool handy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

  • Alternatively, book a Swimming Pool Specialist for an idea-consultation @ R1000. The services of an architect is available upon request after the initial meeting.

  • To get an idea of current prices of ordinary concrete and factory made swimming pools, click here.


Note: The fee for an idea-consultation is deductible from the project price