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Roll-up station for solar swimming pool covers

Roll-up stations make it easy to handle 8 meter and longer swimming pool solar cover material.

Please note: The photo may not represent the exact product that you will get command Roll up station heavy duty.jpg


Pool cover roll-up stations make it easy to handle 8 meter and longer solar pool covers.

Selecting the correct size:

  • Normally, rollup stations are positioned on the shorest side of the pool, but will depend on the specific situation
  • Make the rollup station at least 500mm longer to measurement of the solar coveryou select. So, lets say the cover is 4 meter wide, then you should select a 4,5m or longer rollup station 

Solar covers are used to heat swimming pools. When the cover is placed on top of the water, heat from the sun is absorbed into the solar cover and transferred into the water, causing the swimming pool's temperature to rise.

Using a solar cover to heat your swimming pool, means that you don't need to spend more money on electrical energy to heating the water. This options is environmentally friendly and an added bonus, is that solar covers help to keep dust and debris from the pool.


Important note:

  • Solar cover material is not included in solar rollup station kits