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Speck 2.2kW 230V Counter Stream Badu Jet Classic Pump

Speck counter stream Badu Jet Classic Swimming pool pump, is a powerful exercise unit that lets you swim on the spot for hours.


Please click here to see how this pump can turn any pool to a endless pool for home exercise or serious training.

The BADU®Jet Classic, Indicative price +- R39000 can be installed in any type of pool, new or existing, from concrete through to vinyl liner. Enjoy the luxury of a massage by attaching the optional massage hose with pulsator. The BADU®Jet Classic will add fun and value to your pool. The BADU®Jet Classic comes complete with jet housing, 2.2kW (3Hp) single phase pump, control box and optional massage hose.

Fields of application include mounting into the walls of all types of pools, as a conversation piece, for fitness training, as a wave air bubble bath, for underwater massages (consult physician), endless no-lap swimming with no need to turn around, even in the smallest pool



  • A powerful jet pump is connected to a plastic jet housing which is flush-mounted in the pool wall (no danger or injuries, as none of the parts project into the pool).
  • Through the annular channel around the casing the water is conveyed to the jet pump under low pressure and returned under high pressure through its nozzle.
  • On-/off switch under water (pneumatic pushbutton).
  • The flow rate is adjustable.
  • A Tingling, invigorating air bubble bath can be attached.
  • Plug-on hose with pinpoint massage nozzle or pulsator lend the finishing touch to your bathing fun (optional).
  • The BADU®Jet Classic is fully factory tested and together with the internal parts carries a 12 month ex-factory warranty from date of purchase.

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