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Heat Pumps are energy efficient machines which removes latent heat from the ambient air, and transfers it to the pool water. Heat pumps extract up to 80% of heat from nature. You will have all year round swimming, and it is the most cost effective way to heat a pool, because of saving electricity. Also provides extension to the swimming season, even when cold or raining. Many people because of insufficient roof space use a heat pump. Can be used for a indoor or outdoor pool.

Heat pump should always be installed on a level slab above any flood line or mounted a minimum of 300mm from a wall, with proper wall brackets pipes to and from machine must be supported with holder bats near machine to support weight of water filled pipes.. Do not reduce or lengthen control pad cable. Install inside a pipe. Do not mount control pad with glue or silicone, use screws or cable ties. Control pad must be installed indoors or fitted into a enclosure.



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