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Sun Command Pool Heating 4 Solar Panel DIY Kit complete

Solar Panel DIY Kit used for heating a 48000 Litre outdoor swimming pool(32m2)when used in conjunction with a pool cover.
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Solar pool heating sizing

For outdoor pools:

  • With Cover: 48000 Litre or with a surface area of approx. 32m2
  • Without Cover: 25000 Litre or with a surface area of approx. 18m2

Indoor Pools:

  • With Cover: 25000 Litre or with a surface area of approx. 18m2

DIY Kit Supplied for the 4 Panels is as follows:

(1) x 500ml PVC Glue
(18) x 50mm Clamps
(2)  x EPDM End Caps
(2)  x 50mm PVC-Poly Adaptor
(8)  x EPDM Connectors
(20) x 50mm PVC Elbows
(4) x  50mm PVC Connectors
(3) x  50mm PVC T-Piece
(4) x  50mm PVC 45 Deg
(1) x  Ball Valve Glued - drill 8mm hole {Bypass ballvalve}
(2) x  Ball Valve Glued {Shut-off ballvalves}
(1) x  50mm PVC Non-return valve
(1) x PVC tank adaptor
(1) x Nylon Reducing bush
(1) x Vacuum breaker
(2) x PTFE Tape
(25m) x Nylon Ski Rope

Tools Required for Installation

  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Drilling Machine
  • Extension
  • Hammer
  • Measuring Tape

On a Metal roof extra items required:

  • Pop Rivet Gun
  • Roof Sealer
  • Paint Brush

Diagram of solar pool heating Installation

 Solar Swimming Pool Heating Installation Diagram