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We are proud to present an extensive selection of swimming pool lights for either your above ground pool or your in-ground pool use. Imagine fully utilizing your pool in a relaxing evening or a refreshing dip on a comfortable night. They add that additional glow to finish off the beauty that your pool brings to your house at night and many pool users take advantage  by adding color or colored effect to their swimming pool lights. Be assured that we can bring to you the best products available in the market with the highest recommendation.



Aqua large complete light |Concrete Pool BLACK

The larger blue lens of the Aqua light made it very ...


Spectra light standard size | Aqua 50 LED Replacement globe assembly

Replacement globe for the Aqua 50 LED swimming pool ...


Quality standard size | Pool Light Colour Changing LED complete

The Quality light is the most used pool light in South ...


Aqua large complete light | for Concrete Pools 125W WHITE

The larger blue lens of the Aqua light made it popular. The ...


Quality large light complete | for moulded pools 125W (liner)

The Quality light, "liner" model is designed for for ...


Swimquip X-large complete light with screws for concrete swimming pools

The Swimquip with its wide blue lens is used in many older, ...


Light Aimflo LED Blue

The Quality light aimflo led is the smaller light which can ...


LED Light Up Flowers single

LED Light up characters and flowers.