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OC1 Koi Filter Media 50L bag

Filter media is vital for health and cleanliness in ponds and aquariums.



Filter media performs two functions in the filter.

  • to provide an obstruction to work as mechanical filtration
  • becomes a substrate for bacteria to colonize

The performance or the effect of a biological filter mostly depends on the type of filter media used.


A good filter media should respond to many requirements as listed below:


  1. Specific surface area of the filter-media
  2. Three dimensional distribution of the surface area
  3. Free volume and resistance to plugging
  4. Efficient capture of suspended solids
  5. Easiness to clean the media
  6. Rigidity
  7. Aging of raw material, resistance against corrosion by weather,
    light, temperature fluctuation and chemicals
  8. Easy installing
  9. Safe to Use; Environmental friendly
  10. Light weight
  11. Transport friendly