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Foam Jet Metal

5000 Litres Per Hour.
0.30m Width of spray.
1.80m Height.

6000 Litres Per Hour
0.40m Width
2.00m Height
http://www.swemgat.co.za/images/Foam Jet Plastic.jpg
http://www.swemgat.co.za/images/Foam Jet Plastic.jpg

The Metal foam jet is very popular choice amongst architects and landscapers for use in swimming pools and ponds. It doesn't matter if it's only a single spout; a line; a bunch or circle of foam jets, any formation of jets creates a beautiful water feature. Many times used as "low profile" water feature that is set to spray at a height of less than 0.5m (approximately a 2500 L/hr flowrate per jet).

Foam nozzle in swimming poolCluster of foam jet nozzlesFoam jet