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Speck Combi pool pump/Aquaswim filter (please select size)

The BADU Combi unit is a pre-fabricated pool system ready to install. It consists of AQUASWIM sand filter, Porpoise pump, housing and DB box.

R 10114.00

Available in:

Combi 2=.45kw pump & 2bag sand filter

Combi 3=.75kw pump & 3 bag sand filter

Combi 4 -1.1kw pump & 4 bag filter

Choose you size on the options field

The BADU®Porpoise range of pumps remains unsurpassed in its quality of material, workmanship and functional durability. The AQUASWIM® range of sand filters is strong, reliable and simple to operate.

For total dynamic head (m) and water flow rate (Q in m3) for the BADU®Combi unit, please see performance curves on the BADU®Porpoise range of pumps and AQUASWIM® range of filters.

The BADU®Combi range is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions carries a 24 month ex-factory warranty on the pump; filter tank, Multiport valve and internal parts from date of purchase.

The size of your pool determines which combi to use.

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Technical data BADU®Porpoise 10 BADU®Porpoise 16 BADU®Porpoise 22
Inlet / outlet connection (Rp)2 50/40 50/40 50/40
Inlet / outlet pipe, PVC-pipe, d4) 50/40 50/50 63/50
Power input P1 (kW) 1~230V 0.67 1.17 1.15
Power input P2 (kW) 1~230V 0.51) 0.751) 1.101)
Rated current (A) 1~230V 3.10 4.80 6.30

Technical data AQUASWIM® 2 AQUASWIM® 3 AQUASWIM® 4
Filter in m2 0.21 0.27 0.29
Filter size in inch 20 24 28
Filter sand in kg 80 120 160

Motor speed approx. (rpm)   2840
Max. Water temperature (°C)   60
Max. Casing pressure (bar)