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About our slogan


Why customers choose Swemgat

ABOUT THE "Inspiring Pools and Spas for Women" SLOGAN

Use of the slogan began in 2003 with huge success when we realized that female input is very important during the initial design stages of any new swimming pool or spa project. The "for women" part of the slogan initially created a lot of curiosity from men to to find out  what these "women pools" are all about, while women, we think, just enjoyed the special recognition.

Today, our sales consultants and franchisees try to involve both the husband and wife team when discussions about a new pool or remodeling  of an old swimming pool start. To maximize the success and enjoyment of the project the whole familiy should be involved.

Inspiring Pools & Spas for Women

Swemgat | Inspiring Pools & Spas for Women

7 Benefits that gets women (and men) inspired by our Pools & Spas. Thar is why they choose Swemgat again and again:

  • We've created many dream swimming pools and spas that have the finer touches that women specifically value
  • We keep our commitments
  • Swemgat ensures an authentic 1 stop service, placing time back into our customer's hands
  • We enusre that the aesthetic appearance and functionality of our pools or spas fits perfectly into the landscape or interior
  • Our pool technicians keep things simple
  • We make practical suggestions
  • Our advice ensures that pools and spas are sparkling blue throughout the year!
Benefits like these are why men also make the smart choice to call Swemgat for installations and our repair service. One thing that both women and men value are the many pool and spa gadgets sourced from around the world.