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Safety nets

Keep your children safe. Have a pool safety net installed!

Traditionally, fencing was used to prevent children from entering pool areas. Nowadays, safety nets are the most popular choice preventing infants and toddlers from entering the water unseen or unheard.

A pool safety net provides a safe, secure barrier while maximizing the available backyard space and preserving the view of the swimming pool. For over three decades the swimming pool safety net has been in used with hundreds of thousands installed worldwide. The small squares are too small for a child's head or body to fit through and too large to allow them to walk, play, jump or stabilize themselves on the pool safety net. One adult can remove or replace a typical swimming pool safety net in a few minutes. A series of pulleys is built into the center of the pool safety net. By loosening the pulley rope, the tension is released and the pool safety net is easily removed. Just unhook the clips and remove the pool safety net. Simply reverse this process to place the pool safety net back onto the pool.

Pool netting are manufactured from super strong high density polyethylene braid (150kg tensile strength). The nets are UV treated to withstand the harshest climatic conditions and completely resistant against pool chemicals. The squares are approximately 100mm x 100mm which is small enough to keep a babies head from the water, but large enough to prevent them crawling or walking on the net.   Yes, children use all kinds of clever ways to get to the swimming pool as the sparkling water always will attract them.

It is however comforting to know that these nets are strong, but playing on it is not recommended.



  • Relative easy on - easy off system
  • Custom made to fit any shape or size
  • Young children can't remove the net


  • The net is secured to the surrounding paving with hooks.

General information:

  • Fish ponds and spa baths can be fitted with safety nets
  • Pools with rock features, sun decks and even islands can also be fitted with safety nets
  • The float used with central tensioning system helps to maintain the net at an even height above the water level


Item Code Size  DIY Price
Z2000 3m x 4m Click here for price Click here
Z2001 3m x 5m Click here for price Click here
Z2002 3m x 6m Click here for price Click here
Z2003 3m x 7m Click here for price Click here
Z2004 4m x 7m Click here for price Click here
Z2005 4m x 8m Click here for price Click here
Z2006 4m x 9m Click here for price Click here
Z2007 5m x 10m Click here for price Click here
Z2008 6m x 10m Click here for price Click here
Z2009 6m x 11m Click here for price Click here
Z2010 6m x 12m  Click here for price Click here


kids on net

The standard net colour is BLUE, but BLACK is available at an additional price of R250.00
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit prices are available on request.
Installed prices are for the Pretoria-Johannesburg area, but we have contracted installers in most locations in South Africa.

Prices may change without notice.

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