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solarcoverladySolar pool cover material

Solar pool covers (also called "solar blankets") are the most popular heat retention mechanism and made from Ultra Violet treated Polyethylene material blended with several other materials to increase strength and suppleness to improve handling on swimming pools.

Benefits of using a solar covers are:

  • It increases the water temperature of outdoor in full sunshine by about 5°C
  • Cuts heating costs by at least 60%
  • It reduces evaporation by up to 95%
  • Keeps your swimming pool or spa cleaner
  • Ultra light-weight making it easy to remove before swimming and to replace again afterwards
  • Extends your swimming season
  • Easy installation. Cover is laid on water surface and trimmed to shape with a ordinary household scissors.

Disadvantages of solar covers are:Solar pool cover rollup station

  • Relative short lifespan (2.5 to 3 years)
  • Should be stored in shade when not on the pool (or protect with a solar protection sheet)
  • Important: This is not a safety cover, but can easily be used in conjunction with a pool safety net or swimming pool alarm.
Roll-up stations are recommended for solar covers longer than 8m.


Item Code Description Width Length Price
Spa1 Solar cover for spa 2m 2m Click here for price
Spa2 Solar cover for spa 2.5m 2.5m Click here for price
Spa3 Solar cover for spa 3m 2m  Click here for price
Spa4 Solar cover for spa 3m 3m Click here for price 
1066 Solar cover 3m 4m Click here for price
1069 Solar cover 3m 5m Click here for price 
1120 Solar cover 3m 6m Click here for price
1123 Solar cover 3m 7m Click here for price
1125 Solar cover 4m 6m Click here for price
1126 Solar cover 4m 7m Click here for price
1128 Solar cover 4m 8m Click here for price 
1130 Solar cover 4m 9m Click here for price
1131 Solar cover 5m 10m Click here for price
1133 Solar cover 6m 10m Click here for price
1134 Solar cover 6m 11m Click here for price
1135 Solar cover 6m 12m Click here for price
  Any size made on request  
  4m Roll-up station Click here
  5m Roll-up station Click here
  6m Roll-up station Click here


How to measure?
Measure the longest and widest sides of your pool and choose from the above sizes.

The price for this material in BLACK is available on request.
Prices may change without notice.