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New spas

Jetted spas for fun and health

Bubbling jetted spas are used for relaxation, entertainment and many health reasons, such as increased blood circulation. Swemgat spas combines three ancient healing therapies:

  • Powerful Air Massage
  • Warm water Hydrotherapy
  • Natural herbal Aromatherapy

Powerful air massage together with warm spa water hydro massage jets is the reason many sports people buy a spa, but ultimately a jetted spa baths is relaxing.

Relax in your spa!

Jacuzzi logoDuring 1968 Roy Jacuzzi took hydrotherapy to the next level when he invented the world's first integrated whirlpool bath for more than one person. Today, the word "jacuzzi" is used when people talk about spas, but Jacuzzi is a registered trade name company the Jacuzzi family created.

Swemgat® is not a Jacuzzi® dealer, but we service all types of spas and Jacuzzi's.

Why does spa massage make feel people so good?
Massage causes the body to release endorphins which are the "feel good" chemicals released when you exercise or laugh. Endorphins make you feel relaxed, happy and stress-free.

Other health benefits of spas:

  • Increases blood flow that speed up the human body's natural healing process
  • It relieves stress. Due to the buoyancy factor your body weight is about a 12% when submerged in water, which reduces pressure on all bones and joints to the minimum, causing a relaxing effect.
  • Hydro massage therapy helps for muscle stimulation where you need it most (back, legs and feet)
  • Aromatherapy oils can used with it special healing properties discovered over centuries

With origins dating back 5000 years, Aromatherapy is truly one of the oldest methods of holistic healing. Aromatherapy, as it is practiced today, began with the Egyptians, who used the method of infusion to extract the oils from aromatic plants which were used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes as well as embalming. The use of natural oils improves general health and in some instances even heal sicknesses. All these oils are specially formulated, water-soluble and recommended to enhance your spa experience.

Natural oils are:

Active heat Relief of pain and muscle cramps for active people.
Chamomile For tired, sensitive damaged skin. For general skin care.
Eucalyptus           Colds, muscle-cramps, sinusitis and coughing.
Lavender Relaxation, anti-stress, cellulite and poor blood circulation.
Mayflower Treatment of sciatic syndromes, rheumatic and arthritis.
Pine For exhaustion and general revitalising of body.
Rosemary Improves appearance and elasticity of skin. Helps for muscle pains and cellulite.
Seven herbs  Common colds, body aches and muscle pains. Eases breathing and opens nasal passages.
Valerian  Relief anxiety, insomnia (sleeplessness), disorders caused by adverse climatic conditions and nervous disorders.


Lenght: 1850mm
Width: 1180mm
Depth: 640mm
Volume: ~ 300 Litre

Budget 4 seater spa

Lenght: 1850mm
Width: 1480mm
Depth: 640mm
Volume: ~ 400 Litre


Spa in wooden deck

Lenght: 2000mm
Width: 1850mm
Depth: 8200mm
Volume: ~ 1100 Litre


Octagon spa next to pool

Lenght: 1870mm
Width: 1870mm
Depth: 820mm
Volume: ~ 1000 Litre


Lenght: 2100mm
Width: 2100mm
Depth: 820mm
Volume: ~ 1000 Litre


Lenght: 2560mm
Width: 1830mm
Depth: 850mm
Volume: ~ 1900 Litre

 Rimflo spa



Rimflo spa

Lenght: 2700mm
Width: 2400mm
Depth: 800mm
Volume: ~ 2000 Litre

Price available on request.


Standard colour:

Opal spa colour
 Opal White


Special colours (available on request):

Khalahari Beige spa colour
Kalahari Beige
Bermuda blue spa colour
Bermuda Blue
Avocado spa colour
Jasmine spa colour
Whisper pink spa colour
Whisper Pink
Whisper Grey spa colour
Whisper Grey
Champagne spa colour
Almond Ivory spa colour
Almond Ivory


Spa Hard Covers

How it works

  • The hardcover sits on the top rim of the spa to trap heat
  • It also keeps leaves and dust out of the spa


  • It is made by inserting two high strength polystyrene foam sheets into a vinyl outer
  • The bottom of the cover is made of chlorine resistant poly ethylene. plastic to eliminate bleaching

Taking Care of your Hard Cover

  • To clean the vinyl use soap and water and rinse with fresh water
  • Treat the vinyl monthly with an automotive vinyl spray to protection it
  • Never super chlorinate the spa while the cover remains on
  • Never dose the spa with algaecides while the cover remains on
  • Never drag the hardcover or walk over it
  • Never cover an empty spa with it
  • If you do all of the above, its expected life should be about 10 years


Portable spas: DIY Kit without
Wooden Surround
DIY Kit with
Wooden Surround
Full Installation Spa
with Wooden Surround
3- or 4 seater Compact-range Discontinued, but we sometimes have 2nd spas available.

3- or 4 seater Budget-range
6- or 8 seaters +- R26 000.00 +- R 29 500.00 +- R 34 900.00
10 seater Discontinued, but we sometimes have 2nd spas available.
10 seater with double lounger
Standard Pump box R 1600.00 - -
Electrical connection from Main
DB Box 10m, 4mm Surflex cable with
40A Circuit Breaker
Including: Cable & Circuit Breaker Approx. R2200.00
Extra cable R 38.00 per meter
Above includes: DB Box, heater, standard blower, cartridge filter, micro air jets, circulation pump, underwater light, 7 spa jets.
Recommended extras:   
Spa start-up kit R  565.00
Extra 7 jets and additional booster pump R 5 900.00
Upgrade to "silent blower" (with 1 year warranty) R    550.00
Hard covers (White/Tan/Black) for:
3- and 4 seater Click here for price
6- and 8 seater Click here for price
10 seater Click here for price
Delivery of Hard Covers R 65.00 main towns and cities, elsewhere in RSA: R120.00
Other options:
Sunken spaAbove ground spa

R 4200 - R8500
additional for sunken or half-sunken
installations, depending on design.
Plus: Pump box and tiles extra

IMPORTANT: Prices may change without notice.


  • 5 Years on spa shell
  • 2 year carry-in warrantee on water circulation pumps
  • 1 year against leaks

EXCLUDED from warranty:

  1. Any damage caused by overheated water or running equipment without water.
  2. Standard blower motors (making air bubbles) is not covered by a warranty, but will last for many years if operated as instructed, 20 Minutes "on" / 20 minutes "off" to cool down. Silent blowers are covered by a 1 year warranty and could run continuously for 3 hours after which it need to cool down for an hour.
  3. The DB Box and all other parts and components not mentioned above.

Payment terms:

(1) 60% Payment on confirmation of order (2) Balance on completion

Where do we install spas?
Portable spas: Within a 200km radius from Gauteng.
Bricked-in spas: Only in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area.