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Swemgat history

THE SWEMGAT STORY started during the autumn of 1998 in Pretoria (South Africa) when a business was launched that specialise in water heating systems. Since then the business has grown to a full size swimming pool and spa company that build and remodel swimming pools and spas, koi ponds and large water features.

You know, actually the story started more than a thirty years ago, when a boy nicknamed "Fish", started to dream about his own business one day. "Fish" really loved water and swimming!

In his twenties, after completion of engineering studies at the University of Pretoria, "Fish" started a Pool & Spa company. Later when "Fish" completed a new swimming pool for a family with two young boys in Pretoria, he realised that what he most likes about the swimming pool industry is to hear the sound of children playing in water. The splashing sound of water take him back to the years he and his friends played together in the swimming pool.

Today, "Fish", together with the Swemgat team creates entertainment areas with beautiful swimming pools where families can relax and children can play and have fun in a safe environment at home.

Swemgat have franchise offices serving Middelburg, Witbank, Pretoria East, Centurion and Midrand, while a central orders department assists DIY (Do-It-Yourself) customers with online shopping.

Our franchise offices are trained swimming pool experts that are in business for themselves. The franchisees (franchise owners) hire, manage and direct their own teams while the Swemgat Franchisor team ensures that customers always get consistent quality products and value for money.

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Swemgat dream swimming poolOver the past years we made more than 10 000 customers happy.

Fish's dream pool is San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile, the world's biggest swimming pool.

This enormous pool measures more than one kilometre in lenght and holds 250 million litres of water. The crystal clear water makes this site magnificent!

Advanced patented technology developed by Crystal Lagoon keeps the water as clear as glass and also maintains the water round 26 Degrees Celsius, nine degrees warmer that the temperature of the Pacific Ocean that is closeby. At San Alfonso, guests enjoy private beaches with their own boat docks within an artificial tropical environment, complete with white sand nd swaying palm trees.  On particularly cold days, you can escape to the roofed beach to enjoy heated sand, bubble beds nd water-jet massage.

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