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Koop Aanlyn of maak 'n afspraak met 'n Swembad Spesialis

Imaginative swimming pool design

Building a new swimming pool or remodeling of an old pool can be challenging task. Below are some pointers to explain the basic principles and equipment. For professional advise on a new swimming pool project, please contact us.

Construction of the pool shell:

  • Refer to SANS 10209: SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL STANDARD - The design and construction of private
    swimming pools

Main features and attractions that can be incorporated into the layout:

  • A main swimming area and baby pool or jetted spa
  • A water feature as focal point
  • Blue or colour-changing underwater lights
  • Seating for relaxation
  • Slides, wide steps and a playarea for children 
  • A pool heating system
  • Natural or concrete flagstone paving or wooden decking around the pool

Principles of good pool design for residential swimming pools:

  • The entire volume of water should be turned at least twice per day, which mean that a bigger pool would require a bigger pump and filtration system.
  • Position inlets in such a way to ensure contnuous movement of water. Stagnant water causes algae to grow which is obviously not desirable.
  • Install inlets in such a way to cause maximum waterflow over steps to keep it clean from dust
  • Swimming is enjoyable for the whole family when the water temperature is above 28 Degrees Celsius. Consider a solar pool heating system if the water exact control of temperature is not critical and cost-saving is more important, otherwise an electrical heat pump would be suggested.  Click here for a plumbing diagram of a solar pool heating system.
  • A fence or at least a pool safety net is essential to prevent fatal accidents when children is nearby and unsupervised

A pump system for a basic swimming pool, consists of the following components:

  • A pool pump
  • Sandfilter or a pool cartridge filter
  • Weir or suction point(s)
  • Water inlets, spouts or jets
  • Pipe connecting the above components

The plumbing diagram of basic swimming pool show how these components are connected, normally using 50mm PVC pipe and fittings. The pool pump pull water from the weir and force it under pressure through the filter after which it is returned to the swimming pool.


Swimming pool waterfall

Components of a water feature:

  • A weir, bottom drain or suction point
  • Pool pump or submersible pump
  • Optional sandfilter or cartridge filter
  • The water feature spout or jet
  • Lighting

Components of a jetted spa-pool or spa:

  • Suction point(s)
  • Pump(s)
  • Cartridge filter filtration
  • Spa jets: 7 jets with a 1.1kW pool pump or two 1.1kW pool pumps in a spa with 14 jets

Click here for the spa-plumbing diagram which show how the pump; cartridge filter and jets are connected.  50mm PVC pipes are normally used for the water supply lines and 32mm for the air supply line.