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Franchise Business Opportunity

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To make Swemgat the most profitable network of swimming pool franchises in South Africa.

To create happy swimming-pool-owners that will, without hesitation, recommend Swemgat to their colleagues, family and friends.

Culture Statement
The acronym "S W E M G A T" stands for: Share; Wealth; Entrepreneurship; Money; Generosity; Active and Tenacity - words that encapsulates our company's culture.

S - Going into business for yourself is a major life decision. The founder of Swemgat realised early in his career as Entrepreneur that, in order to succeed, you have to share. “Franchising” opposed to expansion by “company owned branches” was selected as a business model. This meant sharing Brand Identification, Methods to do Successful Business, the Delivery System and a Proven Marketing Process with Franchisees in order to serve and retain more customers.

W - Effective utilisation of combined resources to create wealth for both Franchisor and Franchisee is the reason why we have chosen franchising as a vehicle. While the Franchisor's main task is to document and refine business systems; Franchisee's focus is on building team(s) that can function without him/her. This business equips franchise-owners to own a strong, growing enterprise.

E - Entrepreneurship has gained the status of a “legitimate career path”.  In short, we think being an “entrepreneur” is an admirable career choice.

M - The ultimate reason why we are in business is to generate an abundant flow of money that can be distributed to teams, shareholders, suppliers, service providers and government in order to make South Africa a better place on Planet Earth.

G - Generosity is viewed as an attitude and is cultivated by us; thus giving without expecting anything in return. When we can, we offer our time, money and talents to aid someone in need and specifically provide bursaries to students for further education at tertiary level. We view sponsorship of swimming teams and various other sports as part of our culture of generosity.

A - We are actively involved in communities via clubs; associations; schools and churches. We believe in Jesus Christ as our saviour.

T - We view tenacity as the most important attribute team-members should have. This is the trait of never giving up.


Pool Builder business opportunity

The swimming pool builder opportunity offers individuals the chance to build a business that can make them financially independent. Although our main focus is the building, remodeling and repair of swimming pools; ponds and spas, we view our product-offering as "healthy outdoor entertainment for families".

  • The Swemgat franchise opportunity will make you and your teams part of a small group of Swimming Pool & Spa specialists
  • R850 000 startup capital is required

According to FASA, the Franchise Association of South Africa, franchising is universally accepted as one of the most successful business formats.

Swemgat defined a system that proved to be a good business model with a consistent and focused strategy.  If you think you got what it takes to own a franchise, then contact us.