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Pool heating | Solar or Heat Pumps for swimming pools

Solar pool heating systems are the most economical, and environmental friendly systems available that utilises free solar energy to heat swimming pool water. Solar panels are normally installed on the building's roof (not on thatched roofs), but ground level installations are also practical if enough space is available.

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Solarhouse   Heated swimming pool






[ Afrikaans: Sonverhitting ]

The system diagram below illustrates the basic components of a solar pool heating system. The existing pool pump is used for circulation of the water through the panels. A pump with a power rating of 0.75kW for panels installed on a single simplex roof and and a 1.1kW pump for double storey roofs are required to ensure sufficient water circulation.

Our solar panels are made from durable UV stabilized polypropylene with a life expectancy of about 12 years. These panels are recommended for use in all South African locations.

Fact: "More panels equals more heat!"

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Installation Diagram


Item Code

of high energy solid panels


Roof space required

surface area (in full sun)


surface area (in full sun)

Price of
P2 2 1.25m 3m 3.0m x 3.5m 17m2 8m2 Click here
 P3 3 1.25m 3m 4.4m x 3.5m 25m2 12m2 Click here
P4 4 1.25m 3m 5.5m x 3.5m 32m2 17m2 Click here 
P5 5 1.25m 3m 6.7m x 3.5m 40m2 20m2  Click here
P6 6 1.25m 3m 8.0m x 3.5m 48m2 24m2 Click here 
P7 7 1.25m 3m 9.2m x 3.5m 55m2 27m2  Click here
P8 8 1.25m 3m 10.5m x3.5m 60m2 30m2  Click here
SC200 1.25m x 2m panel only  Click here
SC250 1.25m x 2.5m panel only  Click here
SC300 1.25m x 3m panel only  Click here
SC400 1.25m x 4m panel only Click here 
SC500 1.25m x 5m panel only Click here
SC600 1.25m x 6m panel only  Click here
SC-B Backing sheet  Click here
STA3M Stand for 3m panel Approx. R2500.00


Swemgat BakkieInstallation: Available in  Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg, Witbank or Middelburg areas.Heat retention covers

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Heating for swimming pools
To size a system, calculate the pool surface area [Length x Width] and use the above table to see how many panels is required to increase your pool's temperature by 8 to 12 Degrees Celsius when used in conjunction with a solar pool cover.

This estimated temperature increase is based on the assumption that a pool cover is used.

Installation lead-time: 5 - 10 days from confirmation of order

Installation & testing: 1 - 2 days

Conditional carry-in warranty: 5 years

Payment terms:  60% Payment to confirm order, balance on completion of installation.

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These solar pool heating panels are succesfully manufactured in South Africa for more than 20 years for worldwide customers.