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Beautiful Swimming Pools & Spas.
All it takes is imagination.

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Koop Aanlyn of maak 'n afspraak met 'n Swembad Spesialis

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Weirs and suction points


Quality White Bottom drain & grid

Bottom suction point used in pools, spas and for koi ponds.

R 325.00

Quality Black Bottom drain grid

Grid for bottom suction.

R 60.00

Spa suction white

Spa suction point. Commonly used in spa and spa baths.

R 155.00

Quality Weir in white for concrete pool

*** Best value for money *** A weir is installed in a ...

R 540.00

Spa suction chrome

Spa or spa bath suction. Plastic coated with chrome finish.

R 390.00

Orange Bags for new pools (Bundle of 100 bags)

Fill with soil and use to level the excavated hole on top ...

R 295.00

Collins Weir basket MKII

Collins round white Weir basket Diameter: 293mm Height: ...

R 248.00

Quality Weir in black for concrete pool

The weir is installed in a swimming pool to serve as ...

R 1340.00

Quality Weir Gunite Ventury White

Weir with ventury pipe fitted / additional suction point.

R 835.00

Quality Weir white for pre-moulded fibreglass pool

This weir is suitable for fibreglass moulded swimming ...

R 720.00

Quality Weir Autofill white for concrete pool

Weir with automatic water topup mechanism. Best buy in our ...

R 1975.00

Quality Weir Autofill liner white

Weir for fibreglass moulded swimming pools with automatic ...

R 1570.00

Swimquip weir liner white

Swimquip weir complete with vacuum lid, basket, deck lid ...

R 820.00

Swimquip weir concrete white

Swimquip weir complete with vacuum lid, basket, deck lid ...

R 820.00