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Saltlogic Chlorinator

Saltlogic Chlorinator is the Best Value Chlorinator available.
Designed to operate at very low salt
concentrations, more eco friendly.

R 6650.00


    Unique SALTLOGIC power supplies provide the following benefits:
    SALTLOGIC salt chlorinator power supply
  • EFFICIENCY Power Supply peak efficiency better than 90%, resulting in reduced electricity costs and longer equipment life.
  • SERVICING Single electronic card common to all models ensures quick and easy servicing.
  • WEATHERABILITY All aluminium enclosure for light weight and corrosion resistance.
  • INSTALLATION Easy and quick to fit, saving time and money.
  • OUTPUT PROTECTION Short circuit and overload protected - cannot be damaged by overdosing with salt.
  • CONTROL Automatic salt concentration and cell function monitoring to maximize cell life.
  • PROTECTION ALARM Low salt level alarm and shutdown to protect electrodes from damage and premature failure.
  • CHLORINE CONTROL Variable current-controlled output, allows chlorine output to be accurately adjusted.
  • CELL PROTECTION Soft-start operation to protect electrode coating at switch-on.
  • SELF CLEANING Advanced reversal circuitry which:
    • Remembers its 'run' status even without power
    • Affords maximum electrode protection during the reversal sequence
    • Is adjustable to suit local water conditions


SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator new cell The new sealed cell ensures the following benefits:

  • EASE OF INSTALLATION Can be installed vertically or horizontally - space saving, particularly in retrofit applications.
  • EASILY REMOVED Installed on unions for easy removal and replacement.
  • SIMPLIFIED CELL CONSTRUCTION Requires just two plastic parts and rectangular blades to complete = reduced costs.
  • EXTENDED CELL LIFE Available with 15,000 hour material on request.
  • ALMOST ZERO MAINTENANCE Inspect cell quarterly.
  • CLEAR HOUSING Allows easy monitoring of electrodes.
  • ROBUST CELL DESIGN High mechanical strength, withstands in excess of 8 bar under test.
Salt level 5 g/l
Chlorine output/hour
at 100%

10 g/hr
Minimum flow rate: 45 l/min
Maximum water temperature through the cell:

Maximum operating pressure:
2 bar
Maximum salt level: 13000 ppm
Power requirements: 220 V, 0.18 amp draw
Power Pack:

25 cm x 12 cm x 12cm
26 cm x 18 cm x 9 cm
Plumbing: 50 mm PVC
Limited warranty
Power Pack:

1 year
1 year

SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator installation