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Chlorinator Badu Logic (please select size)

The BADU Logic range of self cleaning chlorinators is low maintenance and even lower operating costs compared to other chlorination methods and create more eco-friendly backwash water while still maintaining high levels of chlorine efficiency.
Salt requi

R 8120.00

Why use the BADU®Logic range of self cleaning saltwater chlorinators? Quite simply, salt water chlorination is the healthy alternative to chlorinate your swimming pool; the natural way. Fitting a BADU®Logic salt chlorinator will transform your pool into a lifestyle asset, ensuring soft, crystal clear water without the red eyes and without dry itchy skin.


  • Low maintenance and easy to operate.
  • Clear housing for quick electrode inspection.
  • Self cleaning efficiency on electrodes for life.
  • Cutting edge cell design so that electrodes do not erode.
  • Fully factory tested.
  • Available in 5 sizes to suit all pool applications.
  • 12 month ex-factory warranty under normal operating conditions from date of purchase.

Salt required for this size pool when buying your first chlorinator, for every 10000 Litres you will require a 50kg bag of salt.


    Technical data Specifications (all models)
    Salt Level 5 g/L (Optimum)
    Chlorine output / hour at 100% BADU®Logic 50: 10g/h
      BADU®Logic 75: 15g/h
      BADU®Logic 100: 20g/h
      BADU®Logic 150: 30g/h
    Minimum Flow rate 45L/min or 2 700L/h
    Maximum salt level 13 000ppm
    Max. Water temperature (°C) 34
    Max. operating pressure (bar)


      Badu Logic 50  Voltage 220 V,0.15 - 0.44amp draw  
      Badu Logic 75  Voltage 220 V,0.15 - 0.44 amp draw  
      Badu Logic 100 Voltage 220 V,0.15 - 0.44 amp draw  
      Badu Logic  150  Voltage 220 V,0.15 - 0.44 amp draw