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Sometimes dealing with the chemicals that are required to keep your spa water clean and well maintained can be a bit confusing. Relax. You don’t need an advanced degree in organic chemistry. Here\'s a primer that will help clarify the things you need to do to continue enjoying your Spa in a safe, healthy manner.

An Introduction to Sanitizers

Sanitizing your spa water is the most important maintenance you can do for yourself. Why? Sanitizers kill the bacteria that can grow in warm water. Here\'s a quick rundown on the different types of sanitizers:

Chlorine: You\'re probably familiar with chlorine as the primary sanitizer used in pools. Chlorine can be used in a different concentration in spas. There are chlorine tablets and chlorine granules created specifically for spa use.

Bromine can be added to a Spa in the form of tablets,  or granules. Many people choose bromine over chlorine because bromine is an effective sanitizer in  as it doesn’t “gas off” at temperatures higher than 98 degrees and produces fewer odors than chlorine. Bromine works in a wide range of pH levels. Bromine is generally distributed through a floating feeder or cartridge system.

Chemicals for spas


Africhem 500g Chlorine Spa tablets

Africhem Spa chlorine tabs disolves over time in spa water ...

R 150.00

Replacement Spa Filter Cartridge 25ft3 (Most popular in RSA)

Spa replacement filter cartridge. Most used cartridge for ...

R 480.00

Thermometer animal each

Pool/Spa floating animal thermometer which the children ...

R 38.00

Spa Filter Cartridge 220mm special size

Spa replacement filter - special size. Outer ...

R 430.00

Reusable Spa Chemical Dispenser Small

Spa tablet dispenser for putting in your Spa chemicals

R 35.00