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Nowadays, test strips (dip strips) makes water testing very easy.  Much simpler than the older type HTH liquid test kit used to determine the Free Chlorine; pH and Total Alkalinity (TA) levels.



Chemical Test Strips, Liquid Test kits


Reagent 1 & 2 refill HTH

Refill for HTH Liquid kit.Bottles 1&2

R 80.00

Reagent 3,4&5 Refill HTH

Refill for HTH Liquid kit.Bottles 3,4 &5

R 80.00

Aquachek Yellow Fc,Ph,Ta,Ca 50 strips [for pool owners]

Pool and Spa Test strips. For weekly tests. Easy to ...

R 125.00

Aquachek Silver Fc,Tc,Ph,Ta,ca,Th 100 strips [for professionals]

Water test strips for: Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, ...

R 430.00

Aquachek Copper 25 strips

Water Testing Pool Test strips Tests for 3 important ...

R 360.00

Aquachek Iron 25 strips

Pool Test strips for Iron. 25 strips in pack.

R 665.00

Aquachek Pond ammonia 25 strips

Test strips to test ammonia levels in water. High ammonia ...

R 285.00

Aquachek Pond Nitrate,Ph,Nit,Buffering capacity 25 strips

Test strips to test for nitrates, normally used for ponds ...

R 160.00

Aquachek Tru Test Digital Reader

Aquachek Tru Test Reader Healthy Water Testing Makes ...

R 1685.00

Aquachek Tru Test Digital Test 50 Strips

AquaChek TruTest Test Strips Refill Pack For use with ...

R 350.00

Aquachek Salt 10 strips [for chlorinator owners]

Test strips for swimming pool salt which is essential to ...

R 205.00