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If you spend more than R180 per month on chemicals for your 50000 Litre swimming pool, something is probably wrong with the water treatment program or you are paying too much for chemicals. You welcome to contact us for assistance.

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Chemicals and Water Test kits


Africhem Calcium Chloride 4kg

Africhem calcium chloride raises the hardness level in ...

R 210.00

Africhem Metal Remover

Africhem metal remover reduce iron and copper levels, and ...

R 220.00

Aquachek Yellow Fc,Ph,Ta,Ca 50 strips [for pool owners]

Pool and Spa Test strips. For weekly tests. Easy to ...

R 125.00

Aquachek Silver Fc,Tc,Ph,Ta,ca,Th 100 strips [for professionals]

Water test strips for: Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, ...

R 430.00

Aquachek Salt 10 strips [for chlorinator owners]

Test strips for swimming pool salt which is essential to ...

R 205.00

Africhem Chlorine Granular 10kg

10kg Granular chlorine. Calcium hypochlorite Ca(OCl)2 for ...

R 760.00

Reagent 1 & 2 refill HTH

Refill for HTH Liquid kit.Bottles 1&2

R 80.00

Reagent 3,4&5 Refill HTH

Refill for HTH Liquid kit.Bottles 3,4 &5

R 80.00

Poolbrite Party blue 200ml

Adds Festive colour to your pool. - Lasts up to 2 days.

R 120.00