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Pump for silent operation | Zodiac Pool Pump,variable speed FloPro -Epump

Zodiac FloPro ePump is a super quiet swimming pool pump, that saves electrcity.

Zodiac FloPro ePump is one of the best quiet running, energy saving and high performance swimming pool pump specially designed for saving electricity. If you need less noise; want to save electricty costs; and want a durable pump that will last; this is the pump for you.

Design aspects of the Zodiac's FloPro ePump that is suitable for residential an commercial swimming pools is:

  • Is low noise levels
  • This pool pump is ultra energy efficient, that means it will save you a lot on your electricity bill
  • High performance makes is ideal when your pool needs special care in extreme weather conditions

A variable speed pool pump, the FloPro ePump is engineered to significantly reduce high electricity consumption and CO2 emissions commonly associated with swimming pool pumps. So, this is a chance to make a environmentally friendly decision to protect the earth.

Zodiac Variable speed pool pump

Zodiac FloPro ePump Features & Benefits:

  • Easily adjustable and customisable 8-speed controller with timer, enables you to control your pump remotely.
  • Large 2.8 litre baskets can hold a lot of debris
  • Ultra efficient motor will save you money on operating costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and electricity consumption, due to the pumps ability to run at lower and quieter operating speeds.
  • Comes standard with ePump controller but is compatible with an Aqualink One Touch or PDA controller.
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty that you can be assured of many hassle-free years of use
  • 3 year manufacturing warranty

Pool Pump Remote

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