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Pump for small pools | Speck Badu Magic pool pump(Select your size)

0.25Kw or 0,45kW self-priming swimming pools pump is available for small pools

R 2600.00
Pump sizing and performance:
  • Speck Badu Magic 6 Self-priming Circulation Pump 0 .25Kw swimming pools of 15 000 to 35 000 litre
  • Speck Badu Magic 8 Self-priming Circulation Pump 0.45Kw swimming pools of 30 000 to 55 000 litre 
The BADU® range remains unsurpassed in its quality of material and workmanship and its functional durability. More than a million BADU® range of pool pumps are performing flawlessly in countless swimming pools, koi ponds and spas all over the world.
Speck Pumps high quality continues with the BADU® Magic range of pumps.
The BADU® Magic range of pumps is especially designed for applications in small filtration plants, splash pools, koi ponds and water features.
The pump can be installed maximum 2m above or 3m below water level.
The pump must be installed on a flat area that would not flood in heavy rains.