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The heart of the pool water filtration system, is the pool pump that move water through the filter to filtrate (clean) water in ponds, pools, spas (jacuzzi) and water features.   The power rating in KiloWatt (kW) gives an indication of the electricity consumption and electricity running cost.  In many new swimming pools, pool builders install a 0.75kW or 1.1kW pump without scienticfic selection. 

The running cost between a 0.75kW and 1.1kW pool pump running 10 hours per day, based on a electricity price of R2.00 per kilo-watt hour differs approxiametly R2555. If your pool do not need a 1.1kW pump you could be saving more than R25000 on electricity cost over the next 10 years by just getting a smaller 0.75kW pump. In many cases, even a smaller 0.6kW pump will suffice.  A bigger pool pump is not always better!!!

For professional advise on pump selection, contact us to book a technician for an energy audit and inspection of your pool-pump-and-filtration-system.

Pumps for swimming pools


Speck pool pump, Model: Porpoise - 3 Year Warranty

*** Great Value for money *** Self-priming circulation ...

R 2450.00

Electricity smart pool pump | Speck Badu Eco Touch 16 230V

Speck variable swimming pool pump's electricity output is ...

R 10450.00

Pump for silent operation | Zodiac Pool Pump,variable speed FloPro -Epump

Zodiac FloPro ePump is a super quiet swimming pool pump, ...

R 10250.00

Pump for small pools | Speck Badu Magic pool pump

0.25Kw or 0,45kW self-priming swimming pools pump is ...

R 2600.00

Pump for small pools | 0.2Kw Speck Badu Picco Self-priming pump

Save electricity | Self-priming circulation pump for small ...

R 2500.00

Speck Badu self-priming pump for commercial swimming pools Model: Resort

Self-priming circulation pump for large filtration plants ...

R 28600.00

Swimming pool pump with 220v AC Femco motor

pool pump suitable for all residential swimming pools

R 2525.00

Speck Badu pool swimming pump with high flowrate - Model: Galaxy 230V

Self-priming circulation pump with extra large pump basket ...

R 4080.00

3-Phase Swimming pool pump | Make: Quality 380V Superflo

Quality's have a range of 3-phase swimming pool pumps. To ...

R 4800.00

Swimming pool pump | Make: Quality 230V

The self-priming pool pump made by Quality, is currently ...

R 2650.00

Speck Combi 0.45kw pool pump/Aquaswim 2 bag filter

The 2 bag BADU Combi unit is a pre-fabricated pool system ...

R 13243.00

Speck Combi 1.1kw pool pump/Aquaswim 4 bag filter

The BADUĀ®Combi unit is a pre-fabricated filtration system ...

R 15490.00

Speck Combi 0.75kW pool pump, Aquaswim 3 bag filter

The 3 bag BADU Combi unit is a pre-fabricated pool system ...

R 14865.50

Quality Combi 0.6kW pool pump, 2 bag filter,DB,Cover

The Quality Combi unit is a filtration system ready to ...

R 7600.00

Quality Combi 0.75kW pool pump, 3 bag filter,DB,Cover

The Quality Combi unit is a filtration system ready to ...

R 9460.00

Quality Combi 1.1kW pool pump, 4 bag filter,DB,Cover

The Quality Combi unit is a filtration system ready to ...

R 9800.00

Swimming pool pump for large debris | Rapid pump/Eartheco 230V

Rapid pool pump is a great pump if large particles such as ...

R 2420.00

Layflat Hose 52mm - per meter

Lay flat hose size 52mm. Minimum order of 10 meter.

R 80.00