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Make your spa experience full of enjoyable and delightful moments. Spa accessories such as spa thermometer, spa lighting and even spa specially and exclusively designed to be used in a spa. These Spa accessories can make you feel truly relaxed when you soak in the spa or the hot tub. You can enjoy spa music of your choice under the special spa lighting system which can set the atmosphere for you to relax and wind down.

Lights for spas, spares

Magic Stream Laminar Flow Jet

MagicStream Laminars create totally clear, uniform arcs of ...

R 10250.00

Spa light plastic with blue & red lense

White spa light with clip-on blue and red lense. Very ...

R 420.00

Transformer 300W

Transformer for pool lights, supply 300 Watt power. Reduce ...

R 1065.00

Quality DB Board Spa 2 pump grey weatherproof

Waterproof SPA Electrical distribution board

R 2550.00