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In the days before Automatic Pool Cleaners, the weir or skimmer box was an integral part of skimming leaves off water.  Nowadays, most pools have only one weir with the suction-pipe of the pool cleaner connected to it, making surface leaf skimming not possible. 

Obviously, if the weir is open and water can freely flow into it surface leaves will be caught in the weir-basket.  However, products like Verimark's Pool Gobbler wudely used. Swemgat however prefer the Poolskim which have a larger catchment area and stronger bag.  To remove leaves from the bottom of your pool the 8-wheel or 12-wheel sweeper and leaf skimmer nets are essential items required for manual pool cleaning. 

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Pool surface leaf catchers


Poolskim Leaf Catcher White

The Pool Skim is the most advanced and hassle-free leaf ...

R 630.00

Poolskim Leaf Catcher Black

The Poolskim is the best surface skimmer for leaves and ...

R 720.00

Gator leaf catcher

Gator inline leaf skimmer collects leaves before they sink.

R 820.00

Inline Leaf Catcher

Automatic Pool Cleaner accessory. The Baracuda Leaf ...

R 820.00

Quality Leaf Rake

The leaf rake is used to scoop floating and sunken large ...

R 110.00

Leaf Skimmer with fine net

The leave skimmer is design for scooping of float debris ...

R 100.00

Poolskim Leaf Catcher White hat only

When the floating unit/hat (top part) has perished you can ...

R 260.00