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Baracuda Zodiac MX8 / MX6 Bearings large (each)

Large bearings for use in Baracuda MX8 and MX6 pool Cleaner.

Bearings that are easy to replace:

  • The 2 large bearings that fit on the drive shaft next to the engine of MX8 pool cleaner;
  • 3 Large bearings inside each fan assembly (scrubber);
  • 1 Small bearing on each drive shaft;

Position of other bearings:  Inside engine; wheels and gearbox.


Key components of MX8:

  • 2 x Drive shafts
  • 2 x Gearbox
  • 2 x Fan assembly (scrubbers)
  • 1 x Engine
  • 16 x Large Bearings
  • 14 x Small Bearings

Key components of MX6:

  • 1 x Drive shafts
  • 1 x Gearbox
  • 1 x Fan assembly (scrubbers)
  • 1 x Engine


Exploded diagram of the MX8:Exploded diagram of Baracuda MX8