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Zodiac are the leading distributors in the USA, Europe, Australasia and South Africa for the Baracuda original parts for the Automatic Pool Cleaners.

More than half of the South African market uses Baracuda.

We stock the following Baracuda pool cleaners: G2, G4, Pacer, Classic, T5, and of course the latest pool cleaner the MX 8 which was launched in May 2011. The MX 8 will go into corners which other cleaners do not go. This mechanical suction pool cleaner, with its innovative X-Drive Technology, begins a new era for Zodiac automatic pool cleaners. Pool owners will be blown away by its performance

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Zodiac original parts


MX6/8 Fan/Scrubber Assembly

MX8 and MX6 Baracuda pool cleaner spare part.Item no25 on ...

R 315.00

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner - Engine & Gearbox Service Kit

The main wearing parts of the Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner are ...

R 1440.00

Zodiac Tri chlorinator pH-Acid pump head & tube

Suits all Zodiac Tri Ph Chlorinators. Zodiac Tri ...

R 1550.00

Baracuda 1.2m White APC Hose

Baracuda white replacement hoses last longer than most ...

R 50.00

Baracuda 1.2m Cobalt Blue long life hose

Long life hoses are longer lasting. Cobalt hoses are the ...

R 90.00

Baracuda 1.2m T Blue long life hose

The standard hoses used with the Baracuda Classic is blue.

R 60.00

Baracuda 1.2m Coral APC Hose

Hose for APC for Swimming pool,to either lenghen or ...

R 85.00

Baracuda Hose protector grey

The hose protector prevents excessive wear where the pool ...

R 95.00

Baracuda Deflector wheel White medium

The APC deflector wheel increases manoeuvrability, ...

R 83.00

Baracuda Deflector wheel White large

The APC large deflector wheel also increases ...

R 82.00

Baracuda Flexi foot purple Old Pacer

The flexi foot keeps the disc in place,when moving about in ...

R 195.00

Baracuda Inner extension pipe white

The inner extension pipe keeps your diaphragm in place

R 180.00

Baracuda disc blue old classic

This disc is geared up to gobble up more debris and ...

R 385.00

Baracuda Auto Weir Valve grey

This device regulates the water flow through the pool ...

R 228.00

Baracuda Diaphragm cassette yellow long life

This diaphragm is used in the Baracuda Genius, G3 and G4.

R 112.00

Baracuda Flexi foot Blue for G2

The flexi foot for model G2 spare part also keeps the disc ...

R 202.00

Baracuda diaphragm standard yellow long life

The most used replacement part on Baracuda. This diaphragm ...

R 115.00

Baracuda Disc New Pacer Blue grey

Baracuda model New Pacer spare part. Without the Disc pool ...

R 380.00

Baracuda Compression Ring

Baracuda spare part.

R 32.00

Baracuda G4 Disc

Baracuda G4 Original Disc. Without the Disc pool cleaner ...

R 530.00

Baracuda disc pearl/blue new classic/G2

This disc is suitable for all pool surfaces.

R 299.00

Baracuda Flexi foot Turquoise New Pacer

The flexi foot keeps the disc in place,when moving about in ...

R 230.00

Baracuda 1.2m White Twist Lock Hoses

These hoses are longer lasting.

R 90.00

Baracuda 1.2m Blue Twist Lock Hoses

Twist lock long life hoses. These hoses are longer lasting.

R 85.00

Baracuda disc set for T5 Duo pool cleaner

This disc set is for the T5 Duo pool cleaner without ...

R 280.00

Baracuda 1.2m Grey Twist Lock Hose

Twin lock hose for Baracuda These hoses are longer ...

R 85.00

Zodiac Baracuda T Bar Diaphram for T2 & T5 Pool Cleaner

Replacement part of Baracuda T3 & T5 swimming pool cleaner ...

R 135.00

Track Belt set for MX6 and MX8 Zodiac Swimming Pool cleaner

The belt act as tyres on the MX8 and MX6 pool cleaner ...

R 250.00

Hose Float Blu MX8

The float should be fitted on pipe about 23cm from MX8 pool ...

R 65.00

MX 8 Engine Assembly with Drive Shaft

MX8 Emgine and drve shatft. Refer to exploded diagram.

R 925.00

Zodiac Baracuda Engine for MX6-MX8 pool cleaner

Zodiac engine for MX6-MX8 pool cleaner's fans grab and pull ...

R 620.00

Drive Shaft MX8 / MX6 assembly (set)

Drive shaft assembly for MX8 and MX6 pool cleaner.

R 320.00

Baracuda Zodiac MX8 / MX6 Bearings large (each)

Large bearings for use in Baracuda MX8 and MX6 pool Cleaner.

R 40.00

Baracuda Inner Extension Pipe for T5 Duo pool cleaner

This Inner extension pipe is for the T5 Duo pool cleaner ...

R 200.00

Gearbox Side A - MX6 Zodiac pool cleaner

The gears inside the gearbox ensures correct function and ...

R 330.00

Zodiac Replacement Gearbox A & B For MX8

The gearbox of the Zodiac swimming pool cleaner is integral ...

R 660.00

Aquashere 1m pool cleaner hose

These hoses are original Aquashere pool cleaner pipes

R 68.00

MX8 Engine middle assembly | Upper housing assembly including Guide & Seals

MX8 Pool Cleaner spare part. This product includes ...

R 720.00
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