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In this category you will find the most common items, tips, some diagrams and video-links for construction of your own new swimming pool.

Some aspects to consider:

1. Options for construction of the swimming pool shell, e.g. the pool walls and floor

  • Brick-wall construction. Refer to SANS specifications for building of private swimming pools in South Africa.
  • Concrete with marble plaster lining
  • Concrete with fibreglass lining
  • A factory made fibreglass moulded pool shell
  • A easy to transport & easy to assemle modular pool with nylex (vynil) lining
  • Oh yes, cardboard might also be any option. We found this video on youtube, but would not recommend this if you want to use the pool for longer than 1 day :)

TIP: An experienced pool builder and your local hardware store should be able to help.

Alternatively, ask your local Swemgat franchise to assist you with advise and support during project. A consulting fee of +-R2500 will potentially save you hundreds of rands and potential pittfalls during the project.  To request such assistance, ask for "DIY pool building consulting required" when completing the contact us for

2. Making the pool shell water tight

Important if you want a leak free swimming pool.  

This part of the project should be done by experts if you consider using "marblite" (pool plaster) or want to install a fibreglass lining on a plastered concrete surface.  The easier way out, is to order a DIY modular pool or factory-made fibreglass moulded pool shell that should be water-tight already.

Round swimming pool

3. The pump and filtration system, click here for more options. 

To mechanical clean (filtrate) the water, a good filter and pump is required to move and filter out any debris and dirty. We recommend a fully assembled pump and filter system for easy installation, click here for more options. 

Housing for pump and filtration systemPool pump and sandfilterPool DB Board

4. Pool light(s), click here for more options.

Pool lighting should not be considered optional if you want a beautiful pool at night. A LED light with 50 LED's should provide sufficient light for a pool with a length upto 5m or a LED light with 100 LED's for a pool upto 8m in length.  Add more lights for longer pools or if the position of one light, might create some shade in another area due to the shape of the pool. For more complete swimming pool lights, click here

Quality 50 LED swimming pool light

5. Electrical connection

Get an qualified electrication to help. Normally 2.5mm or 4mm round surflex will be connected between your Pool DB Board and main DB Board in the home. A seperate 20A or 35A circuit breaker will be installed for the pool in the main DB Board, depending on the power loading.

6. Pool heating

If you want to build your own pool, you most likely think about saving power by going for green solar power. For solar pool heating system that are easy to install yourself, click here.

7. Pool safety

You can consider the use of either a fence around the pool or safety pool net. Both are much better! ...and take your children for swimming lessons as early as possible, but defenitely before you start with the swimming pool project.

8. Keep your pool clean and sparkling

Manual pool cleaning equipment and a pool cleaner is essentials to keep your pool clean on top of a balanced water treatment program.

9. Municipal approval of building plans

The better thing to do, is to contact a draughtsman or architect to assist with proper plans and to have them approved by your local municipality before the project starts.

10. The construction team and managing the project

You need to find the right people or contact us for assistance with entire or parts of the pool building project.

11. The financial budget

You will have to make the sums yourself, but R80 000 is about the average cost of the total project to have a 6m x 3m swimming pool build in Gauteng by a reputable pool company. 

You can most likely install the same size modular pool for under R50 000, when done by yourself.

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Pool Safety Net Black

Pool safety net is a must for every swimming pool. Always ...

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Zodiac Z300 Heat Pump

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Quality Combi 0.75kW pool pump, 3 bag filter,DB,Cover

The Quality Combi unit is a filtration system ready to ...

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Speck Combi 0.75kW pool pump, Aquaswim 3 bag filter

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Pool inlet spout | Aimflo Gunite white complete

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Quality Weir in white for concrete pool

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Light Gunite Blue 50 LED Quality complete

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Light complete for Concrete Pool 125W Quality WHITE

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Pool Safety Net Blue

Pool safety net is a must for every swimming pool. Always ...

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Poolskim Leaf Catcher White

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Gemini Twinsweep Pool Cleaner complete

Gemini Twinsweep Combi Automatic Pool Cleaner. Complete ...

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Sun Command Pool Heating 5 Solar Panel DIY Kit complete

Solar Panel DIY Kit used for heating a 60000 Litre outdoor ...

R 12480.00

Glue for swimming pool PVC pipes 473ml

*** Best value for money *** Heavy duty clear cement to ...

R 165.00

PTFE Tape 10mm x 10m

PTFE Tape used with pvc pipes & fittings

R 5.00

Safety life-saving ring for home use

Safety life-saving ring for home use

R 320.00

Safety shephard hook attachment for life saving

Safety should be the number-one priority for home owners. ...

R 880.00